Yes, I Am In Chicago

Because, honestly. Where else would I be? Home? Madness!

Sleeping now. Hopefully will actually be home sometime tomorrow before noon. We shall see.

10 Comments on “Yes, I Am In Chicago”

  1. I’m not sure if there’s any sort of reason you’re going via O’Hare, but if you’re just going to Chicago, and you’re not heading to the northwest suburbs specifically, try Midway. It’s not that much further from downtown, and they have half the delays. If you’re willing to drive into Columbus, Southwest even has direct flights. (I will admit that CMH is more annoying to get through than DAY, but the pleasure of flying the lesser evil of Midway more than makes up for it.)

    Midway is still an airport in Chicago, so they’re mildly evil, but I’ve had flights from Midway leave on time. That almost never happens with O’Hare.

  2. At what point does the insanity end and you DRIVE home? It’s got to be faster to drive through Indiana than to spend the night in Chicago.

  3. Cassie @ 6: I’ve made same-day, round-trip drives from Chicago to Des Moines and Chicago to St Louis — I wouldn’t recommend either of those, and I can’t say that a round trip to/from Dayton would be any better. There are worse things than being stuck in Chicagoland overnight.

    G.Jules @ 5: I think the last time he was here, he was visiting an office in Schaumburg. Assuming the same destination this time, O’Hare makes more sense.

    And as much as we complain about the all-too-real delays at O’Hare, most of them are in the 1-2 hour range — bad but not horrible (as long as you don’t need to catch a connecting flight). I’m sure Scalzi pissed off the airline gods with his snark…

  4. O’Hare rules. If I were a supervillain whose secret plans revolved around collecting negative emotional vibrations (anger, frustration, hopelessness), I would start there. Although many other places have O’Hare beat in depth, the absolute volume is earth-shattering.

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