Wacky Database Madness

My WordPress seems to have momentarily not wanted to speak to my database. It seems to have corrected itself. Who knows if it’ll happen again. But if you suddenly can’t connect here, that’s what it is (naturally, if you can’t connect, you won’t see this message on the front page of Whatever. But I send it out, perchance to send it along the RSS grapevine).

5 Comments on “Wacky Database Madness”

  1. Jemaleddin:

    In this case, it was an issue with the server the site was on — the whole thing went down, not just my site. Cached pages wouldn’t have helped.

  2. No, I just meant that it might be a good idea in the general sense. For instance, not having to load php quite so often would take load off the server, which might prolong its uptime. :-)

  3. John you big tease,

    You mention database madness and neglect to name the database? Nerds everyone want details. I want details!

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