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Reader Request Week 2008 #9: Polygamy

Not everyone sends reader requests through the comments (although you should, hint, hint); some send them through e-mail. Here’s one of the e-mailed ones, from Tristan: You’ve been very vocal about your support for gay marriage. Do you also support polyamory? To start, I think we might have a bit of term confusion. I suspect […]

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Reader Request Week 2008 #8: Politics and the Olympics

Ohako asks: Are the Olympics purely a sports contest, or do international politics enter into the equation at some level? Should a country boycott the Olympics because China is mean to Tibet? Clearly international politics enter into the equation, and have for some time. In 1976 a bunch of African countries boycotted the Olympics to […]

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Whateveresque Registration Open

For those of you wanting to join the conversations over at Whateveresque, the Whatever reader forum, registration is now open through midnight. We may crack 1,000 members today, which I find exciting. As always, help an administrator out in approving your membership request by choosing a member name that is recognizably NOT a spambot name […]

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Brasyl, Halting State, The Last Colony and Rollback: The 2008 Hugo Voters Electronic Editions

For the duration of the 2008 Hugo campaign, Ian McDonald, Robert J. Sawyer, John Scalzi, Charles Stross and their respective publishers are making special electronic editions of their Hugo-nominated works available at request to 2008 Hugo voters. The authors have put together a package of their books for the voters’ convenience. Where can they get […]

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