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Reader Request Week 2008 #11: Athena and Whatever

First, a photo essay, a dramatic tale of desire achieved and denied, entitled “LOLAthena”: And now, a question, from Michelle Sagara: If, when Athena is older, she asks you to remove all pictures of her, and all comments about things she’s done, will you comply? As it happens, this is something that Athena and I […]

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Rough Guides sent along my author copies of the second edition of The Rough Guide to the Universe, which you see here to the right of a poster of the cover of the 2003 first edition. The new edition looks lovely and has all the latest on Mars, Pluto, Saturn and so and so forth, […]

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Reader Request Week 2008 #10: Meeting Authors (and Me)

James asks: I have bought tickets to Denvention and I am looking forward to seeing all of my favorite authors. My question is what is the appropriate way to approach an author? Ignore (or not) behavior like stalking and such (knocking on hotel door at 2am) but how would you like to be approached? I’m […]

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Starting Your Morning With a Blatant Plug (For a Good Cause)

Bill Schaefer of Subterranean Press writes: We’re doing a limited edition of the delightful YA novel, Interworld, that Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves published last year. As you may have heard, Michael is having some serious health problems related to Parkinson’s. He’s recently had one surgery and is slated for a second. All of the […]

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