Starting Your Morning With a Blatant Plug (For a Good Cause)

Bill Schaefer of Subterranean Press writes:

We’re doing a limited edition of the delightful YA novel, Interworld, that Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves published last year. As you may have heard, Michael is having some serious health problems related to Parkinson’s. He’s recently had one surgery and is slated for a second. All of the profits from our edition of Interworld will go to Michael to help him with his medical and daily living expenses. If you can help get the word out, we’d really appreciate it.

And now the word is out. Here’s the order page for the SubPress limited edition of Interworld; now you have another reason to check it out. And feel free to pass along this information to your friends, especially the Gaiman and/or Reaves fans.

4 Comments on “Starting Your Morning With a Blatant Plug (For a Good Cause)”

  1. Thanks for the heads up. It’s a great book to begin with. Sorry to hear about Michael’s ill health.

  2. Yup, just pre-ordered.

    That’s an easy decision; I wanted to buy a copy anyway, so being able to get one with Subterranean’s extremely high production values with profits going to a good cause is a double-barrell bonus.

    Here’s hoping for the best for Michael.


  3. Interworld is a truly delightful book that I’d highly recommend.

    If you have the sort of income lying around that you could use towards supporting Michael Reaves, definitely get it.

  4. Spacebo! Ordered w/o hesitation.

    Has anyone yet heard of a fund specifically for Michael? Please post here (if our Host is okay with that), or mail c/o chawley(six)(five)(zero)(at) .

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