My Blathering Self

Like a chipmunk fed a caffeine pill, I do chatter incessantly, and some folks have caught this chattering on recordings.

First, Tor has a podcast of me and children’s author (and Athena fave) David Lubar talking about, well, books, kids and publicists in weenie costumes. You know you don’t want to miss that. Here’s the podcast page, and here’s a direct link to the podcast.

Second, the Time Traveler podcast site recorded a whole bunch of panels at the ConFusion convention earlier this year, at which I was the Toastmaster, and has posted a stack of them up over at the site. I show up on several, including one in which I interview author Guests of Honor Scott Westerfeld and Justine Larbalestier, and another where I moderate a panel on piracy with Paul Melko, Merrie Haskell, Patrick Nielsen Hayden and Patrick Rothfuss. Fun! Fun! Other folks in these recordings are Mike Resnick, Dave Klecha, Bill Schafer, Tobias Buckell, The Ferrett, Catherynne Valente, Suzanne Church, Sarah Zettel and Jim Hines. You can tell in most of these recordings that I am totally friggin’ wired on Coke Zero.


7 Comments on “My Blathering Self”

  1. ConFusion was an amazing experience, and the only reason I knew about it was reading about it on this blog, so thank you John for that.

    I did an “extensive recap” of all the panels I sat in on (including most of these) on my blog, as well as the “Coffee with John Scalzi” that didn’t make it into the Time Traveler list.

    One thing I discovered at that con is that you writer types are as entertaining in person as you are in print, so thanks for venturing out into Wolverine territory for the good of your fans. :-)

  2. Everybody says that. They think I’d be taller, too.

    That said, my singing voice is lower than my speaking voice.

  3. Unless you are 5’3″ tall, I won’t think that. (I’m 5’3″. Most of the Western world is taller than I am. For some reason, I seem to remember you saying you were 5’8″ tall.) There are very few true tenors so I’m not surprised about your singing voice being lower.

  4. Both you and Elizabeth Bear do something that I wish all moderators would do:
    Tell people that the floor is open to questions, not comments.

    More often than not, the comments from the floor aren’t all that interesting. (The exceptions are from people in the audience who, by all rights, ought to be on the panel.) The questions are usually much more interesting.

  5. I think I was introduced to you via a Trashotron interview (not counting that Amazon was recommending you constantly).