Seiun Nomination

Oh, hey. Thanks to Science Fiction Awards Watch, I discover Old Man’s War has been nominated for the Seiun Award, the big SF award in Japan. Neat. Here’s the list of all the nominees, which includes fellow current Best Novel Hugo nominee Charlie Stross (he’s actually nominated twice, for novel and for short story).

13 Comments on “Seiun Nomination”

  1. One can only hope that the Japanese turn OMW into a manga comic at some point. That would be awesome. Scalzi as interpreted by Shirow Masamune or someone of that caliber. I’d pay serious money for such a work.

  2. Peripheral question: do you know how translators are compensated? Is it a flat fee or do they get royalties?

  3. I just love it when I see the likes of you and Charlie up against Tiptree and Bester. Translated work categories rock.

  4. Thanks. Credit must also be given to my translator, Masayuki Uchida, who clearly did a fine job.

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