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In Russia, Zoe’s Tale Reads You

Zoe’s Tale has notched its first foreign sale, to Russian publisher Eksmo, meaning that Russia continues to be the only foreign market where all my books have sold (France and Germany are tied for second, with three novels each). I believe this is also the first time I’ve sold foreign rights to a novel that […]

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Pre-Release Fun: Cloverfield, Sly Mongoose

I haven’t done DVD reviews regularly for more than a year now, so it’s been a while since I got a crafty little promotional package like this: The publicity pack for Cloverfield, in which the DVD and its attendant publicity materials come in a plastic case designed for archival video tape. It doesn’t top my […]

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Reader Request Week 2008 Wrap-up

In case you missed any of last week’s Reader Request pieces, here’s a handy link farm for you: Reader Request Week 2008 #1: Homeschooling Reader Request Week 2008 #2: Technological Gifts Reader Request Week 2008 #3: Sex and Video Games Reader Request Week 2008 #4: Where I Am Now Reader Request Week 2008 #5: Professional […]

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In Today’s Shocking News, Bloggers Are Revealed to Be Unhealthy Obsessive Nerds

The New York Times, full of schadenfreude and concern, runs a story about pro bloggers and their unhealthy lifestyles, which may have contributed to the death of two prominent (if older) tech bloggers and the heart attack of Om Malik. It also reveals that pro bloggers often get paid crap and have pay tied to […]

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