In Russia, Zoe’s Tale Reads You

Zoe’s Tale has notched its first foreign sale, to Russian publisher Eksmo, meaning that Russia continues to be the only foreign market where all my books have sold (France and Germany are tied for second, with three novels each). I believe this is also the first time I’ve sold foreign rights to a novel that hadn’t yet been published in the US. I feel shiny.

16 Comments on “In Russia, Zoe’s Tale Reads You”

  1. I feel shiny

    That’s a side effect of the secret NSA spy beam – consorting with Russians, the French, and Germany, yeah, you’re on the list.

    Oh, wait, I’m consorting with you, damn, now I’m on the list too. Scalzi, you bastard, does your subversive evil know no bounds?

  2. You do realize if Tor blows things and the schedule slips such that Zoe’s Tale is published in Russian long before it is published in English, we will import Russian copies and have them translated, right?

    (Past history: Winterfair Gifts, by Lois McMaster Bujold, translated from the Croatian by several fans.

  3. Andrew:

    Considering that the Russian version of The Last Colony has not been published yet, I think there will be some time yet before ZT comes out there. So Tor would have to slip a truly epic amount.

  4. Okay, now here’s an off-topic question: you feel “shiny”? What exactly does that mean? Besides that you may be a secret Firefly fan?? :)

    I say secret ’cause a site search on “firefly” turned up zero hits…

  5. so, how does it feel that commies find your works to be ideologically acceptable?

    Should we start calling you John Stalin?

  6. I was using “shiny” before Firefly existed.

    Maybe Mr Whedon is a secret “Whatever” fan. :)

  7. 2 Diondy Tan and JJS (and of course, 2 Scalzi):

    The correct phraze would be ? ??? ?????????? (different word order and verb conjugation). Those online translators can only take you so far… :)

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