Take On Squeeeeeeeeek

Mary Robinette Kowal sent this to me with the following comment: “No one will appreciate how wrong this is as much as you will.”

Let’s find out if that’s true.


By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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I like the body language! The leg is bouncing to keep time and we actually had a couple of head banging moments towards the end as he really got into his program. Overall a very nice rendition.

3. #Pat Rock – I KNOW! The wrist brace is what clued you into the fact that this was not just a one time deal – he is currently working on a followup tune of the #7 One-hit-wonder; Ice Ice Baby.

I’d bet dollars to donuts that this guy’s a ventriloquist (though he’s probably also a manuelist).

Notice how his lips purse differently on the really high notes?

Still… I teach people Klingon, so I’m not about to throw any stones at his house. :

That man is my hero. That right there is fricking genius!

Seriously, I know how ridiculous it might seem, but that is incredibly hard to do. And I’ve been practicing since I as 14.

That’s 25 years of hand farts.

That. Was. Awesome! That, my friends, is what youtube was meant for; hand farting music. Is “America’s Got Talent” still on? This guy should win some kind of recording contract.

Holy crap, he looks even MORE like Big Pussy in the Star Wars song clip.

Ladies and Gentlemen, from Secaucus, New Jersey, let’s have a big welcoming hand for Vinnie Batchagaloop!

Huh huh… “hand.” huh huh huh hmh huh.

He’s got at least 15 covers on YouTube. The shirts change. He really does look cold stone serious.

Besides the Star Wars cantina band, I saw in passing:

Guns N Roses – Sweet Child of Mine
Europe – The Final Countdown
Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

But Take On Me by A-Ha — priceless. (And I actually am a huge fan of the original and its semi-animated video.)

Dr. Phil

I think we should all take a moment to thank Mary for finding this wonderful entertainment and John Scalzi for sharing. It was a wonderful, enjoyable waste of time. Thanks guys!

My hands can make farting noises, but I can’t control the note. Yay for me I guess. At first I thought the song was the theme song for Fashion Television.

Here’s what you’re all missing. Video ventriloquism is the easiest thing in the world to do. How are you going to know where the sound is actually being produced. This man is a genius. He’s actually farting the whole thing and just using his hands to mask the fact. Genius! Sheer Genius!

The frighteningly sad part is, I suspected what it was from the title of the post…

… and I clicked on the youtube video, anyway. I have no one to blame but myself, really.

Will Entrekin, that’s just what I was going to say. The smile on his face at the end of the video is priceless.

I see that I have wasted my life working on my writing when I could have been doing… this.

I’ve actually seen a few of this guy’s vids before, most notably his version of Mason Williams’ Classical Gas (heh). Seriously though it is a twisted talent, but still damn impressive.

And as for the wrist brace, I thought it was to hold a mic.

This guy’s talent is not hand farting. He is an audio technician with access to sound-mixing equipment. You can hear the distortion on the high notes. I’m not sure if he’s modifying the pitch on the hand sounds, or lifting the vocals and squeakifying them. He’s having fun with it, though! :-)

You warned us, didn’t you? But nooooo, we had to click the linky-thing. “It’s just a harmless little video clip,” we said.

Two observations:
(1) No way was them hand-farts. I’d be willing to believe a Wii, perhaps…

(2) That. Was. Just. WROGN!

I go now to find a sharp pencil, a bottle of bleach, and a skinny Wirebrush of Enlightenment.

Just wait ’til the folks at the Witness Relocation Program realize that he’s posting video of himself from the safehouse. D’oh!

I’m torn between invoking tentacled ones on his hometown and wondering “Why ‘Take on me’, that’s the lamest and poppest of the popular A-Ha songs… The long notes in ‘Big in Japan’ would be much more impressive if he could pull it off…”.

In humble defense of the latter thought, I’m at home with a fever, and have been all day.

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