Daily Archives: April 9, 2008

Expiring Links

I’m enough of a geek to notice my Technorati ranking dropped 300 slots today, a negative change of about 25%, which is the blogger equivalent of Black Monday. And indeed, just as that particular crash was caused or at least abetted by technology, so too mine: Technorati assigns rankings based on links to blogs over […]

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Because It’s Fun to State the Obvious

If you have to hide the Olympic Torch while ostensibly displaying it, you’re doing it wrong. What “it” is in this sentence I’ll leave evocatively undefined, and for you to fill in for yourself.

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Another (Technologically) Mixed Marriage

The way we’re mixed: Krissy is an iPodder, whereas every media player I’ve owned has been something other than an iPod: Three Creative players and the current Archos 605. This is because I don’t like paying a premium to be trapped in the Apple ecosystem as a general principle, and also because I have a […]

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In Other News, “Preemptive Ibuprofen” is the Name of My Next Band

Back from the dentist, and the owner of three new fillings. I forgot I had more than one cavity. My dentist, however, did not. The novocaine is slowly wearing off, and I’ve taken preemptive ibuprofen to ward off the inevitable general pain that comes from a grown man and his dental assistant rooting around in […]

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The High-Pitched Whine of the Drill is Like the Song of Angels

I’m off to the dentist! To have a cavity filled! Go me! Console me with tales of your own most recent dental appointments. Did you escape unscathed? Or were your forced, like me, to return at a later date to atone for those missed brushings?

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