Starting the Weekend Early

I’m outta here for today. You kids have fun.

Get Your Vote On

For those of you who want to vote for a significant science fiction/fantasy award but are too damn cheap to shell out a mere $50 for a Worldcon supporting membership to vote for the Hugos (even though it gets you access to electronic versions of four of the Best Novel Hugos — surely a better than $50 value!), there’s another alternative: The Locus Awards. You can vote for them, for free, by using this online form and filling in the information they ask. You don’t have to be a Locus subscriber. Anyone can vote, as long as you vote by April 15, 2008.

An important note: Although the online form comes loaded with Locus‘ suggestions in each category (taken from the Locus Recommended Reading List), you may also vote for something off the menu if you so choose; for example, if you want to vote for anything I published in the last year, since Locus, in its wisdom, didn’t put anything I wrote onto its Recommended Reading List. I know! I am shocked and appalled as well. But since I am proactive and wish to make it easy for you to vote for my work, should you choose, here are these handy formatted descriptions of my stuff, which you can cut from here and paste into the poll:

Best Novel

Scalzi, The Last Colony

Best Novelette

Scalzi, The Sagan Diary

Best Non-Fiction Book

Scalzi, You’re Not Fooling Anyone When You Take Your Laptop Into a Coffee Shop

You shouldn’t vote for any of these just because I mention them here, of course. Actually vote for your favorite books and stories (and SF editors/publishers) from the last year. If one of mine fits that description, groovy (and thanks). The Locus Awards usually have the most number of voters of any significant SF/F award, so in some sense you can say they’re the People’s Choice Award of the genre. I’m not sure they’d appreciate the comparison, but it’s meant with love.

Have fun voting!

Find the Site Outage!

So, yesterday experienced a bit of technical trouble. Using the graph below, can you tell approximately when this trouble occurred?

Take your time. It may not be obvious at first.