There’s Something Inside Your Head

Offline for the rest of the day. Leaving you with a song I’m finding oddly evocative recently. See you later.

Show of Hands

Elsewhere in the Internets, someone is suggesting that my noting the Locus Awards to you all yesterday and offering up cut and paste titles for my works therein is a bit much: “implication is that you are encouraging your fans to vote for your stuff, even if they haven’t read it, or any other eligible material.”

So, go and read the whole entry again. Then, show of hands: How many of you believe that the implicit messaging of the entry was that you should vote for my stuff, even if you haven’t read it, or any other eligible material? Likewise, how many of you would vote for a work of mine to receive an award, without reading the work, because I (either explicitly or implicitly) suggested you should?