There’s Something Inside Your Head

Offline for the rest of the day. Leaving you with a song I’m finding oddly evocative recently. See you later.

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  1. Oingo Boingo I do know – and that kicked ass. I think it’s a little bit of pandering to the lcd – but they are so cool, they could sing about plastic wrap and it would be hip.

  2. OK, this is blowing me away! I’ve heard of OB before (of course I know who Danny Elfman is) but I never knew they were this dynamic live. Is this from the Farewell album I just found on Amazon? I want it. I’m probably going to get one of the best ofs as well. Which should I get?

  3. Clearly, Scalzi is trying to get us to write in Oingo Boingo for a life-time achievement Hugo Award. I won’t stand for it! Be prepared for a scalding blog entry.

  4. Love Boingo!

    And I was also wondering when the “Attack Scalzi Week” is officially over…I have to get my entry in on time!

  5. Andy:

    If you haven’t heard of Oingo Boingo before, you’re in for a treat. Personally I recommend the Boingo Alive 2CD set (recorded live, but not in concert, if that makes any sense). Also, you may be interested in So-Lo, Elman’s 1984 solo album.

  6. In spite of being way way older than most of their audience, I actually went to at least three live Oingo Boingo concerts, more than any other group/performer. But I liked their original name better. Nothing rings like Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo.

  7. It’s such a pity that they called it quits. Great music and amazing live performers. I compare all concerts to theirs and so far they haven’t been beat.

  8. Danny Elfman has said he’s developed some hearing deterioration and doesn’t want to risk exposing his ears to further damage through more loud concerts. Given what he does for a living now, this seems totally reasonable.

    That said, I’m glad I got to see them live back in the day. Twice!

  9. Off topic, but thanks for the link on Whateverettes to the Dwayne Day article (Never give a monkey your car keys). It was great.

  10. (looks at Whateverettes for the first time in several weeks)

    Oh! That’s where that traffic came from.

    Little disappointed that I got to be the undefined follow-on to “he’s an idiot” and “he’s a prescriptivist”, though. Oh well. I already got boastful about getting two whole entire new comments over there, so I’m in no position to gripe.

    Wait, what? Oingo Boingo? Um, er, yeah. It was nice, I guess. What was the question?

  11. andy: The Farewell Concert is pretty much the only live video out there— we own it, and I can say definitively that the audio on this has been highly compressed. IOW, it’s much better on the DVD or the CDs of the concert.

    This is a favorite Halloween watch of mine. Sort of a cross between a concert and a cult revival. With songs that fall into my mental category “demented clown music.” And the extras are pretty hilarious— decades’-old bits from The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo, and stuff like that.

    I second the recommendation of Boingo Alive. Must have been a pain to set up all the mics in the studio at once, but the songs are more dynamic than their original studio takes (when you can find them— some of the Farewell Concert songs are ones I haven’t found anywhere else.)

  12. JJS @11

    Dwayne’s a precious thing to the world. Moreso that he sometimes transcends his space-policy-space-history wonkishness into larger observations.

    I just realized that I’ve known him for 20 years online. Ack, I feel old.

    Those of us from Proxima Centauri will prevail, however. Those Reticulans can never get their saucers started after they give the Monkeys their keys.

    Reticulan Folly of decades long past exposed, next on Geraldo

  13. I got to a couple of Boingo concerts while i was growing up, they toured up to the SF area regularly. They were always a pretty good show.

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