The Most Important Public Service Message This Site Has Ever Run

Here it is:

Is it prescriptivist to want to save a hamster from the anally questing digits of a wrathful, angry god? Very well, then. I am a prescriptivist.

The hamster, he is praying to you. Look into your heart.


Me fiddling with technology again — this time checking out the embedding of music off of Imeem. To test it, here’s “Something That You Said” by the Bangles, which is easily my favorite song out of the band (followed by “Hero Takes a Fall”). The song went nowhere for the band when it came out in 2003, on account that 2003 was fifteen years past the expiration date on the Bangles’ fame. I think that’s really a shame, because the track is basically a masterclass on how to write and perform a truly excellent pop song. If the Bangles had released this in 1989, it’d still be in heavy rotation on your local Lite Hits station instead of being a somewhat obscure postscript to their golden age. Thus we learn yet again that life is not in the least bit fair. Enjoy.