Happy Birthday, Krissy

I could tell you folks yet again how wonderful she is and how clearly gob-smackingly lucky I am to have her in my life, but instead, here’s the first song we ever danced to, on the night that we met.

As it happens, it is Friday. And I am in love! Still. Lucky me.

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  1. That is so nice to hear, with all of the divorces and break-ups happening around.

    Enough about that.

    Happy Birthday, Krissy!

  2. Happy birthday, Krissy. And yes, I agree it is indeed excellent to be in love with one’s wife after many years. We don’t have a song from our first meeting, though – I met my future wife while publicly demonstrating a home-built Tesla coil. Unless – does the crackle of electricity overlaid with maniacal laughter count as a song?

  3. Happy Happy Birthday Krissy!! I think you’re both pretty lucky (not to mention Athena!).

  4. Happy Birthday and many more to Krissy.

    A happy marriage is a pearl beyond price!

  5. Happy Birthday Krissy!!! Your the best SIL a bratty girl like me could ever have. Love you bunches!!!! Have a fantastic day!!

  6. Unless – does the crackle of electricity overlaid with maniacal laughter count as a song?


    Happy Birthday Krissy

  7. I am unmoved by your sap. *sniffle* Totally. Completely unmoved. I am a rock. I am NOT wibbling in the workplace at all. So there.

    (Many happy returns!)

  8. Happy Birthday, Krissy!

    Now damn it, Scalzi, you’ve gone and gotten me all choked up abut my wife. I’m gonna have to go and get her something nice even though it ain’t her birthday.

  9. Hppy Birthday, Krissy! And may I say, what a perfect first song. :-D Rock on! I love this song.

  10. Hey K,
    Not sure if your reading these but if you are HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Tell John we want to see pictures with cake, presents, and everyone has to be wearing pointy party hats!

  11. Happy birthday to Krissy, indeed. (Funny, but the pictures you post of her always look like the photographer’s in love with his subject.)

  12. Deb, my dad’s pictures of my mum are the same. It’s fabulous to see a person through a loving eye, isn’t it?

    Happy Birthday, Krissy. Thanks for all you do for John, and therefore, for all of us.

  13. I usually only lurk here and don’t comment, but since I happen to share a birthday with Krissy, this post has prompted me to delurk.

    So happy birthday, Krissy, from one April 18th baby to another.

  14. John, that sounds like the perfect way to meet your future wife…if you don’t have a Tesla coil anyway.

    tceisele: Awesome.

    I met my husband at work. I had a little hand-carved kaleidoscope on my desk and he stopped to look at it because he thought it was…a different type of hand-carved hippie object. Ah, love.

    Happy birthday, Krissy!

  15. Happy birthday! Love is a grand thing to have in your life. Here’s wishing for many more great birthdays together.

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