Traveling the rest of the day and will probably have a minimal presence here this weekend, because I’ll be busy here. In the meantime, a reminder that my shareware short story is still available for your perusal. Go on, you know you want to. All the cool kids are reading it.

Have a great Friday.

6 Comments on “Offline”

  1. Well, I am no longer a kid by anyone’s definition. I was never cool when I was one. But I read the story anyway, and liked it.

  2. OT – I love John’s snark, and respect/admire his social conciousness/philanthropy with the fund raising efforts related to the shareware project. I hereby formally propose a project similar to John’s creation museum field trip. Let’s send donations (to John’s charity of choice) – to induce him to see/review/snarkily comment on the new shameless piece of propoganda– err “documentary” – “Expelled”

  3. Hey! Good travels. Just wanted to let you know that after years of reading your blog I finally tried “Old Man’s War” through the Tor ebook giveaway and it is fucking WICKED. Going to the store later to buy all your books (that it has available which was, like, 3 or 4 titles, last time I checked).

    Thanks for writing it!

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