Scenes From a Yesterday

Today’s yesterday, in fact.

Not a bad day.

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  1. For someplace where the best thing you can usually say about the weather is “It’s not sucky today.” when Ohio desides to play nice, it can’t be beat.

    Did you shake rattle and roll this morning?

  2. The third picture from the top (black and white kitty whose name has skipped my mind) *demands* a LOLCat contest. I’m not a good LOLCatter, or I’d supply one. But that “Evil Overlord” look is just too good to pass up.

    – yeff

  3. Lovely pictures. Lovely spring. Athena, Zeus and Lopsided Cat seem to have spring fever.

    What happened to Kodi the Wonder Dog and Ghlaghghee?

    (Yesterday was the first day of star-jasmine blooming here in SoCal. The atmosphere has a light, floral value now.)

  4. Hey, interesting. My girlfriend has the exact same tshirt that Athena is wearing. She’ll find that amusing I’m sure! :)

    Looks a bit different on my girlfriend, though. Probably because she’s 30.

  5. O Nearly-Great Scalzi, this sequence of pictures were almost outstanding. You could have achieved immortality by including one of Magnificent She, but we of the Executive Committee of The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club understand your reasons.

    Since the readership of the Whatever are not quite so sophisticated, we have decided to perform the public service of clarifying some things.

    Picture 1 – This was a picture of Her Shimmering Glorious Radiance lighting up the sky. The reason She was not shown was that you lacked the correct filter to reduce the light input to the camera. Good move.

    Picture 2 – Athena showing how much she loves Her Glory.

    Picture 3 – TempCat Zeus performing some task for Her.

    Picture 4 – Wasted space.

    Picture 5 – What can we say? Lopsided Cat ROCKS.

    Picture 6 – The moon illuminated by Her Essence.

    This has been a public service announcement by the Executive Committee of The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  6. Actually, the reason you don’t see many Ghlaghghee pictures recently is that not too long ago she developed a serious matting problem, which necessitated snipping out several intractable hair mats. At the moment she’s looking a bit patchy. I’m waiting for the fur to grow back.

  7. I may have missed you mentioning it in a later post, but I feel must ask. What camera do you use. The clarity on all of your sunrise pictures is freaking amazing.

  8. It’s actually not a sun rise — it’s the sun and a sun dog taken about an hour before sunset.

    Also, it’s a Nikon d70s.

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