Daily Archives: April 22, 2008

Stalker Info, Permanently Posted

I’ve added a Scheduled Appearances page to Whatever (which aside from this link you can find in the “Administrivia” sidebar) to help folks who are wondering where in the Earth I am supposed to be — and I include myself in this number — know where I’ll be for public appearances and suchlike. As you […]

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Open Source Boobs

Since I was at Penguicon over the weekend, people are asking me in e-mail to comment on the “Open Source Boob” thing that was going on there. Well, first, by way of explanation, the whole Open Source Boob project is best explained by this post and this post (which adds further clarification) by The Ferrett, […]

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The New York Times has an interesting piece focusing on the font choice for John McCain’s presidential campaign — it’s Optima — and what the choice might signify, given that it’s the font used for the names on the Vietnam Memorial and so on. It’s also a referendum on the font itself. The article includes […]

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