Stalker Info, Permanently Posted

I’ve added a Scheduled Appearances page to Whatever (which aside from this link you can find in the “Administrivia” sidebar) to help folks who are wondering where in the Earth I am supposed to be — and I include myself in this number — know where I’ll be for public appearances and suchlike.

As you can see from the page, there are lots of opportunities to see me during the rest of 2008, and I’m likely to add at least a couple more, as the details of the Scalzi/Buckell “Ohio is Coming to Kick Your Ass With Science Fiction” tour come online. It’s unlikely, however, that I’ll be adding any additional convention appearances into the schedule for the rest of 2008; seven is enough for any one year, and somewhere in there I 9ctually have to write books. So if you’re thinking of me for a convention appearance, it’s not too early to be thinking 2009 (or, heck, even 2010 — I’ll have at least one book coming out then).

7 Comments on “Stalker Info, Permanently Posted”

  1. Mary Dell:

    Yes. Also, remember to clear it with Krissy first. She schedules all my baby-making.

  2. JS @ 3, that is seriously funny.

    So still no love for the East Coast? Dang. SO I guess if I wanna see you then I gotta go write a book or something and submit to VP so I can stalkerate you there? Dang!

    Oh, wait. I just finished a book! And I’m writing a second! Yay for me!

  3. 2009 Panthea con, (not a sf or gamer con) Please do Contact Glenn Turner, at the Ancient Ways book store Oakland CA. Tell her Vlad sent you, and to please VIP you.

    Hey I’m serious stop poking. Scuse,
    gotta wrestle the cat

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