My Wife! My Best Friend!

Just come across while procrastinating preparing to write: This is a picture of Krissy (whom I imagine most of you recognize by this point), and Natasha, who is one of my dearest friends in the world, from last October, when we were out in California for my 20th anniversary high school reunion. This picture was taken at the class dinner; I believe I’m the one behind the camera, although it might be Natasha’s husband Craig. Really, I don’t remember. I was overcaffeinated that night. It’s all a blur. But they sure are pretty. And I don’t have too many pictures of the two of them together, which is a shame.

Yes, I am just posting to say: Look! My wife! And my best friend! Because, you know. It’s my site. I can do that.

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  1. That is a great picture; they are both so beautiful and happy.

    And, on a less classy note, the title of this post makes it sound like the content should have started with something like “Dear Penthouse: I never thought I would be writing one of these letters…”

  2. Harmony:

    Actually, I was thinking of 50’s soap operas, where the hapless husband walks into the bedroom, where a surprise awaits him.

    Also amusing is an old New Yorker takeoff on this: “My wife! My clone!”

  3. “Amusing” and “New Yorker” in the same sentence. Interesting.

    I actually think the New Yorker cartoons are pretty funny, but I think there’s some sort of rule that one must scoff at them.

  4. The picture glows happiness! Very nice.
    Were you not partaking in the “wein trinken”? Wine over coke or pepsi anyday!

  5. I don’t drink at all, Ray. Krissy likes it: it means she has a lifetime designated driver.

  6. This reminds me of the old toast: “To my wife and sweetheart. May they never meet.”

  7. Of COURSE you can post pictures like that, and not just because it’s your site: your wife is hot. You almost HAVE to post such pictures. Isn’t it a law somewhere? :-) And she and your friend seem to be having a lovely, happy time. My 20th reunion two summers ago was fun but not nearly enough people showed up.

  8. Well, I’d post pictures of my wife even if she weren’t unspeakably hot, you know.

  9. I actually enjoyed the last reunion I went to (10th, I believe, since they didn’t have a 15th), mainly because people grew up and weren’t acting like the adolescent self-involved idiots we all were back then.

    You, John, are a lucky man.

  10. That’s funny, I walked into my tenth, looked around the room, and commented to my wife: “It’s like nobody ever left.”

    With a couple of minor exceptions, the room was split into the same groups with the same level of disdain for one another.

    I had fun anyway.

  11. I liked a more recent New Yorker cartoon caption: “My best friend! My best friend’s wife!”

    You had to be there.

  12. My husband doesn’t drink but he also doesn’t like smoky bars so the permanent dd thing isn’t as nice as it could be. Western PA hasn’t banned smoking in bars and restaurants yet. A few places are voluntarily smoke free but they tend to be a bit expensive so if I have a drink there, it’s only one.

  13. I just got an error when I posted the above comment. Are you making some modifications?

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