The Scalzi/Doctorow Mashup You’ve All Been Waiting For

Update: video is down. I expect they’re fixing the sound/video disconnect in the last part. I’ll repost when it’s fixed. Fixed!

Last month Cory Doctorow and I met in Chicago — to fight crime! — and also to sit down and interview each other about our respective upcoming books, Little Brother and Zoe’s Tale. And then the video production crew went a little nuts:

I like this a lot, except that it really accentuates the fact that I’m going to be a jowly bastard sooner or later. Because I just got a YMCA membership, perhaps later. Because I’m about to eat six cheeseburger mini-rolls for lunch, perhaps sooner. We’ll just have to see.

If you like this, I hear rumors of an expanded version when Zoe’s Tale hits shelves. So, see. Now you have something to live for between now and August 19.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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I have a copy of the video (I always download youtube videos because I’m not a native English speaker and sometime I need to listen again certain sentences, and I hate the slider in the flash player is all but precise), but I suspect that it’s being replaced as per #2. It works well here, however, no desync.

Your voice is higher than I was expecting.

This has happened before to me; I read someone on the net for a while, then finally hear a clip of their voice, and they seem like a half an octave higher than I imagined them. Happens with both males and females. I wonder why.

The sound is still a little dodgy (some mastering would go a long way) but I don’tcaredon’tcaredon’tcare! It makes me so happy, two of my favorite authors being all Terry-Gilliam-animated together.

I DO wish, though that you wouldn’t wear Ugg boots. They just SCREAM skank.

Also, I can finally show my husband how funny you are, since he was lame and didn’t come to the Books & Co. signing.


The flowery hat looks almost good on you as well as the purse, BUT the boots have to go…

Well lets see…we have pictures of your shaved head and now with hair and a beard…..hmmmmm I know… lets see what you look like with no hair and a beard (full) and then without the hairy lip. Personnaly I think you look better without the hair or wear a hat.

The Bacon cat schtick was funny as well as the plastic cup bit.

I saw it first on BoingBoing (which happens to be a tab to the left of Whatever in my morning reading) – it was full of goodness. And baconcat is now famous to a whole new set of viewers.

I really liked the idea of pairing author interviews and letting the production crew crew go nuts. Think Tor will produce more?

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