Suddenly It All Makes Sense

Of probably no interest to anyone but myself, but someone pointed me in the direction of knowing why my MT4 install went kerblooey last year: it wasn’t MT4, it was my host, which apparently chokes off script calls after about ten seconds, which is no good when you have a site as large as mine. Which is more than a little annoying, since I remember calling my host and asking them if there were any reason my MT install wouldn’t be working. Their answer: no, not really. Thus sending me into a two-month spiral of anger and confusion when my site just stopped working. Liars! I will have my revenge! Seriously, though, this is lame.

So to all and sundry at Movable Type, my apologies. I’m sorry my host hates you.

Also, I Woke Up With A Sudden Desire to Collect Tom of Finland Postcards

I woke up with this song in my head, and now I can’t get it out. So now I’m giving it to you.

Sorry, man. It just had to be done.

A Simple Question

So, if you’re the cat who left the bottom half of a rabbit on my doorstep this morning, with said hemi-rabbit’s liver and intestines each artfully laid out to the side, will you raise your right paw?

Yes, well. That’s what I thought.