I Remembered This Year

Ladies and Gentlemen, “First of May” by Jonathan Coulton.

You might not want to play that if you’re at work and/or prefer not to hear the F-bomb sung repeatedly in a Kenny Loggins sort of way. But if you’re not and if you do, aye, there’s springtime goodness to be had here.

Happy May!

13 Comments on “I Remembered This Year”

  1. Perfect way to kickoff May Day! Thanks for the smiles and the reminder of upcoming location changes….

  2. Awesome. I found this song last year on May 5th. Have been looking forward to playing it today since then! Happy First-of-May! Get to it.

  3. I bought a bunch of JC MP3s a while back, and since many of them are really fun (Re: Your Brains, the Ikea song, etc), I put them all on my 8-year-old son’s playlist for his ipod.

    I heard this song a few times on my own ipod in the following weeks. But finally, one day when it played, my neurons finally fired and I realized that I’d included this song in my son’s playlist. Oops.

  4. On that score, you might want to take a listen to “Mandlebrot Set” too, if you bought it and haven’t listened to it already.

  5. When I got up this morning, this song is the first thing I thought of; thanks for reminding me to send it to my friends!

  6. I just got back from the Jonathan Coulton concert in Minneapolis. It was great. “First of May” was his encore–at least, it was going to be, but he and the opening band Paul and Storm rickrolled we the audience. Which was also nice. What a showman!

  7. I love it when my geeky interests collide. Yay, Scalzi AND Jonathan Coulton! Now all we need is some Achewood and XKCD…

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