This Is What I Get For Inflicting “Xanadu” On You

I was 1,600 short of a million unique visitors for April (okay, 1,619, Mr. Literal Pants). And interestingly, visitorship yesterday was down about 1,550 from the day before. Coincidence? Or pathological aversion to Olivia Newton John? You decide.

And while you’re deciding:

Okay, seriously, that’s the last time OLJ will show up here. No, really. Today.

14 Comments on “This Is What I Get For Inflicting “Xanadu” On You”

  1. Are we feeling the need to feel the “BURN”. I know my ears are with that song.

    If you really need to get physical, have Krissy chase you around with the bat, now there’s motivation….

    To reach the magic number maybe you need to add MORE pictures of the lol cats ???????

  2. Any pictures of Cody and the cats?

    ya know…”getting physical” (groan)….I really hate that song. But your the one that put it up for ridicule…. so SUFFER…

    I know that I hit your site at least 90 times last month if not more….insomnia does that to some…

    Have a Good day :~)

  3. This surprises you? You brought it on yourself, Mr. Unique Visits Whore. My father’s sergeant in the army always said, “Wake up with a song in your head, don’t share it. Especialy if you want your unique visits count to stay high.”

    Hell Yeah, he said that in 1958!!! You bet your bippy!

  4. I’m sure I’m in the minority, but I’ve been an ELO fan since way back, and I rather enjoyed that little trip back to 80s kitsch.

    Thanks from me :)

  5. I don’t know what sort of prize you win for breaking one million, but I don’t appreciate you posting videos that objectify men like that. Shame on you and ONJ.

  6. Okay, that’s really funny how the buffed guys leave hand-in-hand and she ends up grabbing one of the overweight guys as a racquetball partner.

  7. Scalzi. Dude. Don’t be squandering your JoCo cool points. Olivia Neutron Bomb is so 20th Century.

  8. Active content is blocked for me, so I can only assume from the comments that this is “Physical”. If so, I am definitely going to watch this when I get home. You can feel free to inflict ONJ on me anytime.

    As I told my wife “when I saw this video, I definitely knew that I wanted to do SOMETHING with Olivia Newton-John, I just wasn’t sure what that was.”

    I think I have it figured out, now.

  9. hell, if you’re looking for a few more hits this month, I’m sure there’s several people that read your blog that would love to send you traffic. I for one would be delighted to!

    Only problem is, I run a ‘randomly found on the internet’ picture blog, so unless you start posting pictures of cats with bacon on them….oh wait.

  10. Dude, this is a science fiction site. If you’re going to post a Xanadu video it had better be Rush’s “Xanadu”. Know thy audience.

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