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Why Jay Lake wants you to have something put up your ass.

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  1. Absolutely. I would suggest that if you are in your early forties and have a family history, getting poked in the ass with a scope is not too early in life. 20 minutes of that is a small price to pay for knowing your pipes are clean.

  2. I lost my father last year to stage four colon cancer. He fought the good fight for two years until his liver failed. The sad thing is it could have been prevented. I had urged him to go get a colonoscopy almost a year before he did when he first told me he was having problems. If he had gone when I first urged him to, he’d be alive now. He was sixty-two when he died, and I miss him every day.

    Everyone needs to get checked. Don’t wait. It’s not that bad. It’s certainly better than the alternative. If it’s caught in the early stages, it’s easily treatable. If nothing else, it’s worth missing months or years of ugly chemotherapy.

  3. Definitely get it done. But, I understand it’s better to go with the six-footer since the nine-foot number can leave a bad taste in one’s mouth.

  4. Jay Lake wants you to have something put up your ass.

    Yeah, whatever, get in the god damn line.

  5. Been there. Done that about two years ago. Told another one wouldn’t be necessary for five years. It’s definitely worth the minor discomfort for the peace of mind.

  6. 3 out of 4 grandparents had colon cancer, one at age 51.

    I have a relative who was tested last year…age 41…had a polyp removed. I went in this year, age 39. Two polyps, one pre-malignant, was removed.

    Definitely glad I did. It’s definitely worthwhile to do the research to find out, if you don’t already know what the cause of death was for your grandparents and great-grandparents.

  7. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. Someone very dear to me lost his mother two weeks ago today from recurring colon cancer. Please don’t wait for a doctor to suggest a colonoscopy; it doesn’t always happen. Be proactive with your health. I know when I reach the appropriate age bracket, I’ll be asking for that test.

  8. Thank You John.

    I have had Cancer Twice, both times Prostate. Had it removed the first time but they missed a cell, that’s all it takes, and it reappeared 3 years later. Found by a PSA blood test, same as the first time as well as a finger wave, and ended up with a seven week Radiation treatment to fry my bladder wall to kill it all off. I’m all smiles today cancer free for the past two years with 3 more watch and see years ahead.

    Two years ago decided to have a scope done to find out if any other bad things were in me. They found 27 Polops and it was the longest two weeks to wait for a biopsy report in my life. BUT it came back clean and clear.

    This is now easy for me to say… GET THE FINGER WAG AND BLOOD TEST DUMMY, it COULD save your life and let you watch your grandchildren growup WITH YOU not as a memory.

    ’nuff said from me.

    Also keep those Public Announcements coming, there are some people that don’t get the message the first time.

  9. Thanks for this, John.
    My husband’s sister was diagnosed with rectal cancer last year. She only went to be ‘scoped because she had just turned 50. She’s been through chemo/radiation, surgery, and is halfway through a second round of chemo. Funny how the truth comes out–for years, she and my DH assumed their grandfather died of prostate cancer. It took 30 years for their mother to be able to say ‘rectal’–it was just too embarrassing.
    Embarrassment can be fatal.

  10. I know, I know and I’ll get around to it as soon as I remove my head from said orifice (easier said than done (the removal part, that is)).

  11. …And the second good reason to get a colonoscopy is for the … um … chemical assistance. I seem to react very positively to the combination of … stuff they used. I was disappointed when it was over, and am looking forward to next time. Much better than the ones that mother gives you.

    Plus the TV picture was good, especially since I was only half conscious. “So that’s what it looks like in there. Cool. Go ask Alice, when she was just small.”

    It happened when I was a kid and had my tonsils out, too, but the aftermath of that was unpleasant. Gark.

    Jack Tingle

  12. It’s always best to have such exams. And pay attention to physical changes, as well. Back in ’92, I had one testicle that felt like it was shaped more like a mushroom than an egg.

    By that weekend, I was in the hospital having that puppy removed.

    Three years later, my son Andy was born. People always ask if my wife and had to have some sort of therapy, and I always tell them, “No, I’m just that manly.”


    But really, don’t wait.

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