Daily Archives: May 2, 2008

Why YA

Cory Doctorow takes a moment to remind folks going into the bookstore to get his book Little Brother that they need to go into the Young Adult section, not the science fiction section, and then talks about the YA section of the bookstore being something of an undiscovered country, where cool things happen because no […]

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Yes, Seen It

From xkcd. The really funny thing was that last night I had a hankerin’ for bacon, and was fixin’ to fry me up some, but then I discovered we were out of bacon. It was terrible. Terrible, I tell you.

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Spinning Away

Ooh, look. I found “Spinning Away” by Eno/Cale on YouTube: Video: odd. Song: good. There’s a cover version of this, by the mid-90s party band Sugar Ray, but this version is to that, as Shakespeare might say, as Hyperion to a satyr. I give Sugar Ray credit for good taste, but otherwise, yeeech. My strongest […]

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