Some Editing Will Be in Order

I need to send the updated manuscript for Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded to Subterranean in the next couple of weeks in order to make our September release date, which means integrating new material into the original manuscript, which I compiled in early 2006, which covered Whatever during the years 1998 through 2005. That manuscript was 98,800 words long, which was not bad, considering the target length for the book was (and still is) 100K words. The minor problem: The new material, encompassing 2006 through April 2008, is 42,300 words. Solution: There will be blood, which is to say, lots and lots and lots of editing.

Which is fine. I was planning to blow up the chapter structure of the book anyway; this gives me an excuse to do it. It also allows me to be fairly ruthless about what what entries survive. The book is a ten-year retrospective of this site; after a decade and I suspect rather more than a million words here, there’s no point in having any padding. So I’m off to kill my babies. Wish me luck.

Making Light’s Out

Those of you who are fans of Making Light, the blog from Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden and friends, might note that you’ve been having trouble reaching it today. That’s because it imploded, and they’re in the process of trying to reconstruct it. Patrick has the details at his LiveJournal, and a temporary home for ML refugees is at Evilrooster Crows.

Your Dream Life

My friend Meeka has a general question for you dreamers out there in Whateverland:

In conversations with friends, it seems some dream in a manner similar to me, in which dreams have their own logic, which is not necessarily correlated with reality, while others have dreams that are very pragmatic and tied to reality.  Also, before adolescence, I had “deja vu” dreams, in which I would experience something – entering a room I’ve never seen before, or overhearing a fragment of conversation – and at some point in the following week, that exact dream fragment would happen.  I would know what the room would look like, or what someone would say before they said it.

I’m curious now, to know what the experience of dreaming is to other people.

So: What sort of dreamer are you? One whose dreams “make sense”? One whose dreams are (for want of a better word) dreamlike? Somewhere in-between? Both?

Discuss amongst yourselves.

Business Note Re: Anthologies

I’m getting a fair number of invitations to write for short story anthologies these days, which is very gratifying to the ego. But I’ve plotted out my writing obligations for the next year (actually 15 months) and what I’ve discovered is that I actually have absolutely no more bandwidth. If I try to jam any additional short fiction work into the work I’ve already committed to (novels, non-fiction books, commissioned short work, editing gigs and a couple of personal projects none of you will know about until they happen, if they happen at all), something might snap, and I’m afraid that the thing that might snap is my sanity.

So: I am not accepting any anthology invitations through July 2009. If you’re editing an anthology whose stories are due between now and July 2009, you can skip asking me to participate, because the answer will be “no.” The exception to this would be reprint anthologies, i.e., anthologies where I’m not required to do any additional work. But as for original work: Sorry, can’t. Thanks for thinking of me, though. Please note this does not mean I don’t have some short fiction planned between now and July 2009; I do, and it’s on the schedule, as noted. I just can’t add any more.

This bums me out a little because some of the anthologies I’ve been invited to are really cool. But I’d rather say no than say yes, and then, by dint of lack of bandwidth, turn in something sucktastical. There are limits to my hackery, and I think we can all be grateful for that.

John Scalzis Everywhere!

Look! It’s John Scalzi, interviewing some lady on the beach in Sarasota, Florida. When was I in Sarasota, you ask? Answer: I never was. So how could John Scalzi be interviewing someone on the beach there? Because not everyone named John Scalzi is me:

As it happens, I’ll in Florida in a couple of weeks, as a special guest at Oasis 21 in Orlando. The Sunshine State will have a surplus of John Scalzis! The mind reels. But even without upsetting the precious Scalzi Balance (“There can be only one! Per state!”), it’s a little odd to have another John Scalzi out there, and being so very publicly John Scalzi. Yes, I know if your name is Bob Smith, you live with this sort of thing all the time. Me, not so much. I also wonder if, when John Scalzi googles his name, he gets annoyed that he has to wade through all my listings to get to his. Sorry, John.