Today’s “Why Does This Even Need to Be Asked” Question of the Day

It is: Should a multimillionaire Yale Law grad who’s lived in the White House and hadn’t pumped her own gas in years before a recent Potemkin pit stop be allowed call anyone else “elitist” without being laughed at in open derision?

Full Spectrum Sunset

What can I say. I live in pretty.

Before & After



Or, why people often don’t recognize me despite having seen lots of pictures of me.

Also, I think I’m using the “before” picture as my next author photo.

An Amusing Bit of Unnecessary Encouragement

Royalty check yesterday afternoon, for Old Man’s War and The Android’s Dream, from Tor/Macmillan (I handled that deal myself; all the other novels are handled through my agent, who in fact e-mailed me today with news of other royalties to be sent my way. It’s been a nice weekend). In the royalty package, a note, on bright yellow paper, warning me and presumably all authors receiving checks from Macmillan, that the check is only good for 90 days, so to be sure to cash it before then.

Which leads me to wonder if the Macmillan accountants need to be remembered they are talking to authors, the motto of whom, as a general class, is and always shall be cash the check before they change their mind. My check didn’t last 90 seconds before I endorsed it and handed it to Krissy, who will in turn get it to the bank pretty much first thing tomorrow. Indeed, if it had arrived on a weekday, it would even now be happily digesting in bowels of our saving account.

Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate the note. I just don’t know any single author for whom it’s not entirely superfluous. I don’t expect I ever shall.

The Subtle Difference Between Professional and Psychotic Hosebag

La Gringa with a sample letter from someone who apparently doesn’t want an agent as much as he thinks he does.

Folks, this is simple. As far as writers go, the difference between a professional and a psychotic hosebag is not that psychotic hosebags take rejection personally and professionals don’t. The difference is that even when the professionals take rejection personally, they’re smart enough not to lash out about it. The best revenge is not to write a letter that pegs you as a psychotic hosebag, it’s to keep at it, become successful, and then know that the people who rejected you are kicking themselves nightly that they let you slip through their fingers. Yes, yes. That revenge is sweet indeed.