Daily Archives: May 4, 2008

Today’s “Why Does This Even Need to Be Asked” Question of the Day

It is: Should a multimillionaire Yale Law grad who’s lived in the White House and hadn’t pumped her own gas in years before a recent Potemkin pit stop be allowed call anyone else “elitist” without being laughed at in open derision?

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Full Spectrum Sunset

What can I say. I live in pretty.

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Before & After

Before: After: Or, why people often don’t recognize me despite having seen lots of pictures of me. Also, I think I’m using the “before” picture as my next author photo.

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An Amusing Bit of Unnecessary Encouragement

Royalty check yesterday afternoon, for Old Man’s War and The Android’s Dream, from Tor/Macmillan (I handled that deal myself; all the other novels are handled through my agent, who in fact e-mailed me today with news of other royalties to be sent my way. It’s been a nice weekend). In the royalty package, a note, […]

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The Subtle Difference Between Professional and Psychotic Hosebag

La Gringa with a sample letter from someone who apparently doesn’t want an agent as much as he thinks he does. Folks, this is simple. As far as writers go, the difference between a professional and a psychotic hosebag is not that psychotic hosebags take rejection personally and professionals don’t. The difference is that even […]

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