Before & After



Or, why people often don’t recognize me despite having seen lots of pictures of me.

Also, I think I’m using the “before” picture as my next author photo.

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  1. Indeed, at the very least, the top photo should be contractually required for your Russian language books.

  2. My Russian publisher uses a picture I think they found on the Internet. They certainly never asked me for one.

  3. I love the top pic for your author picture. It’s perfect!

    (It would be even better if you were a comedian and that were your headshot. Maybe you could build a stand-up career based on that photo. Think about it!)

    (Of course, since you write funny, you are a kind of comedian.)

    (What are you, a comedian?!)

  4. OH, you look like an adorably ‘tortured artistic poet’ in that top one.

    Although, I bet Krissy appreciates the neatly shaved and military haircut one. Less hair to wade through to get to the good parts!

  5. why people often don’t recognize me despite having seen lots of pictures of me

    Going by the first photo, you may be mistaking “just pretend you don’t see him” for nonrecognition.

  6. The top photo smacks of being locked in a room by your publisher and being forced to turn out fiction by the chapter daily, or you don’t get your 10 minutes with your family. (The bathrobe helps)

  7. Robrobb:

    Yes, it’s called the Brian Wilson method of creative production.

  8. I agree with Giacomo…now we know what the elusive Mr. Scalvi looks like. I wouldn’t want to meet him in a dark alley, that’s for sure!

  9. Given my own laziness, Mary, the scruffy Scalzi will probably be back sooner than later.

  10. OK, but you better post prompt photographic proof or else I won’t be able to sleep at night.

  11. I like the beard. You look better with the beard. When the beard comes back, keep it. Maybe a little neater, but you’re definitely cut out to be a beard-wearer.

  12. Yes, use that first picture. With the pretentious turtleneck, it makes you look like a phoney intellectual.

    Or maybe, just for fun, write something totally unlike previous work, and use the first picture and the name John Scalvi.

  13. Hahah! I thought it was a turtleneck which totally made the picture for me! There I was, thinking, “He should totally wear turtlenecks more often!”

    How disappointing!

    lol@Mary Dell

  14. Well, in real life it may be a bathrobe, but the little piece visible in the picture looks like a really pretentious turtleneck.

  15. Oddly, both pictures look suitable for a resident of rural Ohio.

    I like the beard myself.

  16. Once I stopped giggling and read all the comments (the giggling part took a long time to control)…I agree with the 2 who said you look good with a beard. A neater one, sure. No neck fuzz and a more defined jaw line; like Johnny Depp in this photo:
    You could totally pull it off!

  17. Oh and just curious…does Krissy keep an electric trimmer on hand to tame the Wookie that threatens to emerge? Or do you have a local barber? ;-)

  18. Mad Russian, indeed. Forget “author photo” and think “head shot.” If they ever make a movie of The Master and Margarita, you’re totally in as the poet who gets sent to the psych ward. Or possibly as the demonic talking cat.

  19. Was the after photo taken after having been on the TV program “What Not To Wear.”

  20. You sure that isn’t Adam Savage from Mythbusters?

    Mr. Scalzi, would you be interested if they (Mythbusters) invited you on to blow something up?

  21. Scalzi,

    I think it’s very mean of you to use my picture like this. Just because I told you I usually shave in the morning….

  22. About the bathrobe, my first thought was not turtleneck but scarf. Which is even more pretentious. But I think it’s awesome that it’s a bathrobe that looks like either a scarf or a turtleneck (from the neck up). Even funnier.

    Yes, I live in LA. Yes, I went out to lunch this afternoon and saw several people wearing scarves over tee shirts.

  23. Breaking: Aliens attempt to abduct Scalzi’s left eyebrow; fail; leave bacon.

  24. Well, from a pure marketing standpoint, the first guy looks like he writes books…the second guy looks like he cooks books.

  25. Picture A) Looking very writeresque. I imagine this version of you in a cabin, in the woods feverishly pounding out a story on an old typewriter. Or in a large hotel in Colorado during the winter. Hired as a winter time caretaker but using the time to write..”All work and no play makes….”

    Picture B) Soccer dad. Arguing with opposing team soccer dad’s.

    Regardless you clean up quite nicely.

  26. Mad Russian?

    I can certainly see that, but I saw it as a bathrobe immediately, so my first thought was Arthur Dent.

  27. “Before” has character. “After” — not so much. I think I’d read a book by “Before” before a book by “After.”
    Over and out.

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