Daily Archives: May 6, 2008

Kodi, Hero Dog of the Revolution

Basically, for everyone who complains I give too much blog love to the cats and not enough to the dog.

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Triple-Decker Catblogging

You’ve seen Ghlaghghee. You’ve seen Lopsided Cat. You’ve even seen Zeus. But until now, you’ve never seen all three of them together in the same picture: And there you have it. Your life is now totally fulfilled. You’re welcome. Actually, the interesting thing about the picture for me is that three years after we moved […]

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Kickass Cover Art

I just found the cover art for the spanish version of The Ghost Brigades (Las Brigadas Fantasmas) and it rocks. If you want to see it, click on the “continue reading” link (I’m doing this way so as to not yet knock the “Big Idea” piece below the fold).

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The Big Idea: Maureen Johnson

We’ve been talking about YA quite a lot here in Whateverland, and as coincidence has it, today’s Big Idea piece is from Maureen Johnson, who writes — can you guess? — young adult books. Her latest, Suite Scarlett, takes place in a fantastical land with strange creatures, but in this case the fantastical land is […]

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Who Lost Scott Westerfeld?

The estimable Paul Di Filippo shows up in the comment thread for “Why YA,” explaining why he holds the contrary view that a robust YA sf/f market is not necessarily a good thing for adult sf/f. I’ll leave to others to argue most of his several points of contention, if they so choose, but there’s […]

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