Kickass Cover Art

I just found the cover art for the spanish version of The Ghost Brigades (Las Brigadas Fantasmas) and it rocks. If you want to see it, click on the “continue reading” link (I’m doing this way so as to not yet knock the “Big Idea” piece below the fold).

Here it is:

Man, I don’t know who those people on the cover are supposed to be, but I sure as hell know I don’t want to meet them in a dark alley. This is the second very excellent cover for this series from Minotauro’s art folks. I’ll have to send them a thank you.

22 Comments on “Kickass Cover Art”

  1. Didn’t Estes make that rocket kit in about 1987?

    Seriously though, looks great!

  2. This is awesome. I liked the american cover too, but this cover right here would make me read the book based on cover art alone.

  3. So, how can I get one of these online? A good excuse to practice my Spanish.

  4. You’ll have to wait for June, for one thing — it comes out the fifth.

  5. Speaking of cool new stuff, a little Dot tells me that a certain ARC has arrived in their offices, and should be on its way soon….

  6. I’m gonna get shit on here but; it’s a great cover, just don’t know if I like it for OMW. Part of the story is the human element you inject and the science behind it. For some odd reason, when I see a cover, I’m constantly searching for the creatures/humans in the story that are depicted on the front. I’d be disappointed to find that those bad-ass Spanish guys didn’t make an appearance.

    I loved the collectable hardcover art that came out last year with the series.

    Oh and speaking of art, I really like the new banner on the site. Very eye-catching.

  7. If you ever go to Spain, go check out a big bookstore. They have all sorts of cool book art there, better than most of the US stuff (or maybe because they don’t constantly put bios with boring pictures of famous people facing out).

  8. @John – Wow, kick ass art work. You should find out if you can get poster sized shots of that. I’d frame one and put it up in my basement in a heart beat. Better yet, you should get the Minotauro guys to do the CGI movie version of OMW universe books. (Seriously though, that thing would look awesome in poster format. Hint hint…)

    @ Lurks-no-more. I didn’t get the impression that the soldier’s skin was blue, more that the armor visors were blue tinted (kind of like the expensive specs professional shooters wear).

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