Kodi, Hero Dog of the Revolution

Basically, for everyone who complains I give too much blog love to the cats and not enough to the dog.

28 Comments on “Kodi, Hero Dog of the Revolution”

  1. Unless you intend to strap some form of breakfast meat onto this radically under-represented pet, you are best just to leave him out of the blog altogether.

  2. Kodi looks hungry. (looking for exits) For Kendall-burger. (eyeing door) Are you sure you fed Kodi today? (tiptoeing to the door) No, look over there, Kodi–bacon! (running away)

  3. I know that look.

    “Please, please. Where is my play toy? It was just here…sometime.”


    “Don’t go through that doggie door. The killer has a knife.”

  4. That’s the stuff. Beautiful shot; nice effect.

    Steve @8: Closer to “There’s a killer at the door? Ooh, I’m gettin’ me some larynx. You want a piece?”

    Give that dog a snausage.

  5. Heh! I has looking at Jeff Hentosz when I used the word “complain,” Mris.

  6. Huh. Just heard a big thing on “Fresh Air” (or was it Diane Riehm, sigh) about Akitas. Bred for centuries to kill bears in Japan.

    Damn good thing you shaved that beard off, Scalzi!

  7. O Pandering Scalzi, why do you waste valuable photographic space by showing Anteater-Thing Kodi? She is Our Most Perfect Lady’s Least Valuable Servant (well, one notch above you, actually).

    The so-called Anteater-Thing Appreciation Society has one or two lunatic members, nothing to fear – unlike the mighty and overwhelming wrath of The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club. So stay strong and resolute; go forth, and bring back a picture of the Beauteous Ghlaghghee, and we might forgive you.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  8. What a gorgeous dog!

    You need cats in the country for small pests. You need dogs in the country for larger (two-legged) pests. It’s nice to see you have an appropriate dog for the larger pests. Our neighbors had an Akita. She was always alert and aware of everything. Sweet *and* protective of her family.

  9. Hey, you have a dog? I want to talk about dogs. Quickly, while the cat’s not looking.

  10. Herr Scalzi,
    I must inform you *THAT* is not a dog. It is a demon from the underworld. Can you not tell be the piercing red eyes?

  11. My guess is that Kodi is probably not normally demonic – it’s probably pent up jealousy of the cat deities in the household.

    Member, Kodi Appreciation Society

  12. How proud she looks, guarding the Scalzi household from the machinations of all evil, internal (lookin’ at you, Ghlaghghee!) and external.

    A fabulous dog, a fabulous effect, and much appreciated.

    Member, Kodi Appreciation Society

  13. Crap. If I’d known yesterday was “Address Jeff Hentosz’s Complaints Day” I would have also pointed out how seldom you encourage people to send me money. Next year!

  14. How did you get that spiffy artistic effect? I can make source code do wonders, but when it comes to photoshop my skills are amazingly weak.