By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

9 replies on “Floating”

Wow! Makes me want to listen to “Falling” by Julie Cruise. Or better yet, The Wedding Present’s cover of same (I couldn’t find a song called Floating).

Reminds me of being that age…and leaping out of the seat on the upswing…until the town Clumbsy Jake broke his arm…next day the grade-school swingsets were swing-seat-less.

While I can’t argue that the picture with the all white background is a great shot, it gives me a bit of a chill too. The lack of any sense of overall depth of field (i.e. unlimited depth) and the fact that the swing chains don’t attach to anything makes me think on some level that poor Athena is going to fly off into space never to be seen again.

Bruce A. gets my vote for funniest comment in this thread so far. :)

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