Daily Archives: May 8, 2008

The ARC of Zoe’s Tale (Get It? Get It? It’s a PUN)

First: Embarq appears to have pulled its head out and restored my Internet connectivity. Yes, I missed you too. No, don’t hug me. Second: Tor has gotten its shipment of Zoe’s Tale Advance Reading Copies and sent me a couple, which makes me happy. Now it looks like a book! The ARC is taken from […]

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Out of Contact

Apparently someone poured Fresca all over Embarq’s Internet connection here in Ohio, and it’s down in a big way, and the recorded message at customer service suggests it might not be back up until evening tomorrow. So, I’m likely not to be around all that much until they get things back under control, and I’ll […]

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Look, Ma, I’m Movieblogging

AMC, the cable channel, is having me as a weekly guest columnist on its science fiction/fantasy movie blog, writing about, you guessed it, movies and science fiction/fantasy. I’ll be writing there on Thursdays for the next several weeks. This naturally pleases me because as a long-time movie critic and commentator, and a science fiction writer, […]

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More server issues this morning. Be aware. On another note, I think we need a word that describes what happens when a piece of technology stops working until you call technical support, only to start working again perfectly when you finally reach the tech support dude. Because, no lie, this has happened to me twice […]

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