Look, Ma, I’m Movieblogging

AMC, the cable channel, is having me as a weekly guest columnist on its science fiction/fantasy movie blog, writing about, you guessed it, movies and science fiction/fantasy. I’ll be writing there on Thursdays for the next several weeks. This naturally pleases me because as a long-time movie critic and commentator, and a science fiction writer, it’s nice to write a little about both on a regular basis. And get paid for it! And write off all my movies and DVDs as tax deductions again. That’s always fun.

I mention this to you now because my first column is up, discussing the upcoming Hobbit movies and why Guillermo del Toro is not only the smart choice to direct them, but may be an even better choice for director than Peter Jackson. No, seriously. Stop looking at me like that. Search your heart. You know it to be true.

If every single one of you would be so kind as to click that link above, and check out that column, I’d appreciate it; it’d be nice for my temporary corporate masters to feel like they’re getting their 23 cents a column out of me. Also feel free to leave comments, etc over there rather than here (I’m turning off the comments to this entry, in fact, to encourage the conversation on the AMC site). Have fun with the column; I hope you like it.

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