I’ve Met John Scalvi’s Web Site

It is here.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

16 replies on “I’ve Met John Scalvi’s Web Site”

John Scalvi hit me so hard my great great great grandchildren came back in time to sue me.

Scalvi didn’t even flinch that time Uncle Abe tripped off the claymore he’d set in the outhouse. Thanksgiving, that was.

You go on his website, you just know some shit’s coming down on your browser. Lucky if you don’t end up on some Federal watch-list.

I never did find out how he got out of that sink hole. Maybe he wants his .45 back.

I once shot John Scalvi just to watch him die, then I got distracted and missed it. Oh my friends tried to describe it to me, but it just isn’t the same.

Last time I met John Scalvi, he was debating with himself the merits of being visually represented by a strip of red ribbon and nothing else. Mind you, that was all he was wearing at the time.

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