Happy Mother’s Day

To everyone who is or has a mother.

“Mother,” Anika Moa

My Birthday Present

Thanks everyone for your kind birthday wishes yesterday. You helped make it my best 39th birthday ever, and that’s not just something I say every year.

Above you’ll see what my wife got me for my birthday: A clean office. As of about 10:29 yesterday morning, one literally could not walk into the office without turning sideways at the door to get through, on account of the mess and junk and what have you. So Krissy sent me away and when I came back a couple of hours later, the room looked like this. Which is a good thing, because these days I find that the more cluttered my office is, the less work I get done. Which is not a positive thing considering my writing schedule these days. I received other things, but this is probably the best thing I could have gotten. My wife is awesome.

Rainy Day Kittens #18 & 37

Everybody must get petted.