My Birthday Present

Thanks everyone for your kind birthday wishes yesterday. You helped make it my best 39th birthday ever, and that’s not just something I say every year.

Above you’ll see what my wife got me for my birthday: A clean office. As of about 10:29 yesterday morning, one literally could not walk into the office without turning sideways at the door to get through, on account of the mess and junk and what have you. So Krissy sent me away and when I came back a couple of hours later, the room looked like this. Which is a good thing, because these days I find that the more cluttered my office is, the less work I get done. Which is not a positive thing considering my writing schedule these days. I received other things, but this is probably the best thing I could have gotten. My wife is awesome.

23 Comments on “My Birthday Present”

  1. Where the devil did you stand to take this photo? It reads like you’re on the desk, with the camera near the ceiling.

  2. How can a pre “oldman” get such a wife that just knows what her “Pre-Middleaged” husband really needed for his birthday.

    Krissie, you just to awesome for words and Have a Very happy Mothers day from the Puca Clan.

  3. Lucky man.

    I, too, have a good wife who cleans. Fortunately she does other things well and is wicked smart. I loves my woman.

    I did make her do the dishes last night after choosing “P.S. I love you” as our Saturday night movie. Ugh.

  4. That’s an awfully large stack of Android’s Dream you’ve got there. If you are looking for a good home for them, I know a place or two… Send a few my way, and they’ll get taken good care of.

    Oh, and can I borrow your wife for my birthday? My desk area is a mess too.

  5. You may already know this (do you get notified when your book is reviewed in newspapers/magazines?), but The Guardian included an review of ‘The Ghost Brigades’ in their Saturday book review section (once a month they include a few sf books in the book reviews). It can be read here

    And, Happy Birthday for yesterday!

  6. Is that a giant stack of The Androids Dream in the corner? Why?

    Also, happy birthday.

  7. See you are so BLESSED… I wish I could close my eyes or “go away for a few hours” and my mess magically but itself nicely… LOL

    Ah well I keep chipping away bits and piecies of it, with my sister moving back home soon it’s modivation enough. That’s what I get for taking over her bedroom closet… to many clothes no where to put them.

  8. Likely the books are author copies. I know when one of my books is published, I get sent 25 (or whatever the contract says). I am free to do with them as I will.

  9. hmm…I would love to do this for my spouse but he is very protective of his mess-I mean clutter-I mean stuff. Sigh. It looks great and I wish you many productive hours in it!

  10. It looks as though you have the same chair as me!

    What about a picture after you’ve been working for a couple of hours!

  11. I am a little concerned that this is the 3rd time (that I know of) that she has had to unleash the super awesomo cleaning mojo on your office. This woman has baseball bats and apparently knows how to use them.

  12. Now just wait a minute here.

    I seem to recall another post recently where your wife basically acted as an Unexploded Bomb Disposal Unit and cleaned up your office.

    Since I *didn’t* forget that post, it had to be recent.

    You mean to say you UNDID all that since then?

    How do the cats put up with you?!

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