Bad Girl Goodies

A while back I took a picture of Athena in one of her more glowery moods and Photoshopped it for my own amusement, and recently Krissy suggested that she’d like the resulting Photoshop on a t-shirt or mug. So I obliged her. Having now performed my uxorial duty, I’m now making the designs available to the rest of you through the magic of Zazzle. If you ever wanted a coffee mug or t-shirt of my daughter doing her best “demon spawn” look, now’s your chance.

Ironically, all profits (I think a dollar or so from each sale) are likely to go to Athena’s college fund. But, you know, honestly, don’t feel obliged. Zazzle prices are moderately expensive, and Athena’s college fund is doing perfectly fine these days. And I think the market for Athena paraphernalia is, rightly, small. But it might be fun for her to go to school with one of these shirts on.

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  1. Zazzle looks interesting. Do you know what the shirt printing process entails? Is it those 1980s style iron ons that crack in the wash? Silk screen printing? The FAQ didn’t seem to talk about it above the suggested image types.

  2. “Of or relating to wife” is the entire definition of uxorial in my automatic dictionary. So I guess that means “uxorial duty” means “the duty towards my wife” in this instance.

  3. I’m pretty sure uxor == wife and uxorly == wifely. As in like a wife. Husband would be maritus, but I’m not going to try and adverbize it. I will, however, shamelessly make up a word (like adverbize) despite Firefox’s disapproving red underline.

    Nice photoshopping BTW. I may also shamelessly try that same trick with so pics of my kids.

  4. Once I get my Photoshop/Illustrator back up and running on the semi-new computer, I should finish my Athena fan-art.

  5. I can’t help but think that it would be unspeakably weird to meet someone random wearing a picture of me on their chest. Is Athena okay with this? I’m sure she is (you’ve talked before about how savvy she is wrt your family’s web presence), but it still strikes me as bizarre.

  6. This is the second time in my short-term memory our host has used the word uxorial. That’s twice more than all other bloggers put together.

  7. #7:
    I know I’d have been ok with it when I was a kid (and would be now!) especially if it was money in the bank for me.

    This is hilarious and brilliant. What college student wouldn’t love to be able to tell his or her friends, “my parents helped pay for my college by selling tshirts with my face on it.”

  8. This is the second time in my short-term memory our host has used the word uxorial. That’s twice more than all other bloggers put together.

    Not far off, all things considered – seaching the domain finds only 678 instances.

  9. I admit I had to look up the word uxorial. As a result of such an admission, it’s safe to say I have never used the word, blogging or otherwise.

    So just a quick question: Are you now, or have you ever been a member of the Professional Organization of English Majors?

  10. Great shirt! I think I’ll have to get one for my daughter (who looks nothing like Athena other than the long hair) who’s in her freshman year at college. I’m sure my daughter will enjoy the irony – not to mention likely being the only person on the U of Chicago campus with a swanky Scalzi shirt.

  11. I didn’t have to look up uxorial. It’s sufficiently similar to ‘uxorious’ (adj. excessively fond of or submissive to a wife) that I was able to get it right away.

    How did I know uxorious? Years ago I was studying Henry VII of England. One book I read described him as being ‘not at all uxorious’. So I looked it up, and there you have it.

    So it’s not just philosophy majors– History majors know out-of-the-way words too.

  12. Sometime very soon, Athena is going to heartily wish you horrific death for putting her Nastyface on a coffee mug for sale to THE INTARWEB MILLIONS. But you won’t listen to me. You never do.

    Love, Cassandra.

  13. Actually, Athena told me she wants one of the mugs. So I got her one.

  14. Re uxorial: every dictionary I consulted say it means “wifely”. But there’s also the adjective uxorious, which means “devoted to one’s wife”. And maybe John had it hovering in his subconscious while he typed this entry.

    Or he was exercising his authorly rights to warp and mutate the language, of course!

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