Have You Had Some Bryan Ferry Today?

No? Hmmm. Let’s fix that.

There. Don’t you feel better now?

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

19 replies on “Have You Had Some Bryan Ferry Today?”

Well, that was a bit short — kind of a tease, really…

By the way, if you’ve seen the youtube of Bill O’Reilly going ballistic on the set of Inside Edition, check out this homage (not safe for work). Kind of a Nine Inch Nails O’Reilly…

Hmm… a bit jarring [1], as I’ve usually heard this performed as a smoky/bluesy/Ray-Charles-meets-Van-Morrison number [2], but a good listen all the same. Thank you!

[1] Rather like hearing Billy Idol crooning Christmas carols…
[2] Shout out to Brian James, right here in MtV.

One of the biggest disappointments I’ve ever had was when the Southgate House in Northern Kentucky advertised that Bryan Ferry would be playing in their ballroom several years ago. I was ecstatic, and bored my husband to tears with the number of times I listened to “Oh Yeah” the week leading up to the show–

Imagine my disappointment when the night of the show, there was a sign up that read, “Tonight: Northern Kentucky folksinger Bryan Ferry. We apologize if you were expecting Roxy Music Bryan Ferry.”

I did not stay for the folk singer.

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