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Whatever reader and commenter Kate Baker recently had some music she wrote and performed played on a radio program called “Off the Beaten Track,” which is broadcast on WELY in Minnesota. Kate got permission to stream the segment on her own site, so if you’ve not heard Kate’s very lovely voice and songs, here’s your chance.

Note that DJ Vince O’Connor talks for six and a half minutes at the opening of the show; the first song starts after that point.

7 Comments on “On the Radio”

  1. Hey, I enjoy listening to Vince talk, he’s a funny guy, and he once plugged my blog on WELY, resulting in a massive Minnesotan surge in my stats (about 10 readers actually, but seriously man, but in Minnesotan that’s a bizillion).

    And Kate, wonderful voice. More, Kate, sing more.

  2. Thanks guys!

    Just a quick note: Aside from the listening to the show, you can download the songs you hear for free and in higher digital quality on my ‘professional works’ page, as there is some FM degradation coming over those MN airwaves.

    Thanks again for the pimp, John! You’re the best.

  3. I didn’t say it was bad that the DJ spoke. I was just letting folks know when the music started.

  4. As the DJ, I understood what you were saying John, but I do appreciate my friends who like to hear me blather and will admit it. Also, a special thank you for allowing me to play “Why Don’t You Love Me.” For anyone who doesn’t know, the music for that song was written and performed by John, and I’ve gotten some good feedback on it.

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