Whateveresque Registration Open

For those of you with your noses smooged up against the windowpane of Whateveresque, the Whatever reader forum, wishing you could get in, good news! Registration is now open through 10 pm Eastern time.

As always, help an administrator out in approving your membership request by choosing a member name that is recognizably NOT a spambot name (here’s a primer on how to do that).

Once you sign up, hop by the “All About You” section and let people know who you are. Because we’re all interested in the new kids.

3 Comments on “Whateveresque Registration Open”

  1. You remember all of those words that Yosemite Sam said every time that the rabbit got the best of him?

    I’m saying them now and adding all of the other words you can’t say on TV (under my breath so my wife doesn’t hear me) because I just got a chance to get on the interweb and it’s 8:48 PM on the west coast, which is too late to register on Whateveresque.

    I’ve been trying to hit it for a couple of months now and can’t ever get it done.

    Oh well, try again on the first of August.

    Not anybodies fault but my own but @#&***@^$(@crudanddarn…