Zoe’s Tale ARC Contest: Get Your Entry In

You have until one second before midnight to get your entry in to win a Zoe’s Tale ARC, so, you know. Tick Tick Tick. All the details are here. I notice that lots of folks are turning in sort of epic entries, which is very cool, but I’ll note that longer doesn’t necessarily mean better. It’s entirely possible a short, punchy entry could win, too. Heck, one of my favorites so far is a single sentence.

Even if you don’t feel like entering, I do suggest you drop by the contest thread and check out the entries. There’s an insane amount of creativity going down there. I’m having too much fun reading them. I think you will too.

Last note: If you decide to enter, please make sure your entries go into the official contest thread, not here. If you put it in this comment thread, I might not see it, and/or I might not count it.

3 Comments on “Zoe’s Tale ARC Contest: Get Your Entry In”

  1. I don’t know what happened that night. I took notes at the time, but I seem to have misplaced them. That won’t happen again!

  2. For this thread, post your original stories for a chance to be mocked and laughed at by the rest of the Whatever readers for not being able to follow directions…

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