The Cure, For What Ails You

New single from The Cure, from their upcoming album. It’s happy Cure this time, which is good, because for the last album or two, ol’ Robert Smith’s been needing a hug:

It’s called “The Only One,” incidentally. It’s no “Just Like Heaven,” or “Friday I’m in Love,” but it does the job, me thinks.

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  1. It’s a credit to the Cure that they continue to produce music that is decent and relevant. I also credit them for staying together for all of these years, and just putting out good work. It’s refreshing when compared to the bands of today who are just one fight away from a break-up.

  2. Jay W:

    That’s a funny statement, considering that the only constant in The Cure is Robert Smith himself. Wikipedia lists 11 other people who have cycled through the band over the years.

  3. I first heard this a couple days ago and have been playing it a lot since then. It pretty much encompasses all that I enjoy about their upbeat love songs: sweet, suggestive and a touch silly in that not-taking-ourselves-too-seriously way. Great stuff.

    And it’s good to see Smith can still hit all those high notes!

  4. Dammit.

    I like ‘hug-needing Cure’ a lot more.

    Ah well. Back to A Hundred Years.

  5. I’m a huge fan of the Cure since the mid 80s. I saw them at Dodger Stadium back in 89, I was in the 4th row. I’m really looking forward to the new album after hearing this song. Looks like theres a good chance it may be alot like Wish.

  6. The Cure has a new album out? Wow. I’m so out of touch. Thanks for the news, John.

    It hasn’t grabbed me on first listen — like Ryan, I prefer “hug-needing” Cure over happy Cure.

    I’m off to put Disintegration on the MP3 player…

  7. @Scalzi: Roger O’Donnell was in the band for 20 years until Bob booted out him a a few years back. Simon Gallup’s a founding member. He left for a few early years, but has been a mainstay since 1985.

    Granted, it’s not like U2 with the same four guys for 30 years, but…

  8. That’s a funny statement, considering that the only constant in The Cure is Robert Smith himself.

    Reminds me of a description in heard once about an Australian band: “Icehouse, being Iva Davies and whoever he feels like working with this week.”

  9. I bought this on iTunes only a few days ago – there was talk from that this would be a double album some time last year but it will not (frown) but Rob says there might be a Christmas release of all the stuff that will not be on this album. Also new singles out each month on the 13th (execpt this one as the record company couldn’t get it right) and why the 13th? This is the Cure’s 13th studio album… and I think there will be 4 singles before the album with unreasled “b” sides. So new album out in about August-ish. Four unreasled Bsides = very happy me!!!
    Is that enough to sate you Cure heads… Hmmm?
    Oh and Yea I LOVE the cure from way back blah blah and yes I like the Rob-needs a hug as well as the Friday, Just like Heaven, ones… call me a split Cure head… But why oh why does the US get them touring then us Sunny Australian’s??? (aside from the fact Rob hates flying and can get to the US by boat).. Grrr… Man this was longer then I ment it to be. Sorry! I am a little rabid fanboy… rabid cure fanboys… now there is something to be frightend of… stab stab… tease my hair stab stabby stab stab eye makeup…

  10. @Rob in Denver
    Roger O’Donnell was in the band for 20 years – Roger only recorded four albums (Disintergratoin, Bloodflowers, Wild Mood Swings and The Cure) he did though tour with Kiss me, kiss me, kiss me. 4/13 should not be considered a main stay (that and he plays Keyboard!!! – even Lol could do that!!!)

    Simon Gallup’s a founding member he was a great friend of Rob’s in the early days but the original bass player was Michael Dempsey who was on the first album Three Imaginary Boys/Boys Don’t Cry (US release) and Simon left for the studio albums Japans Dream and The Top – as well as the live album Concert.

    Similarly Porl Thompson was an original member (back in the Easy Cure and Malice (cool name)days) who is also married to Rob’s sister… and keeps coming back every few years… like for The Cure (although not on any of the album tracks – he is credited for some of the “b”side and unreleased tracks)

  11. Love the Cure, but, really, it’s time for Robert to let go (the hair). He can still look like a dystopian reject with an updated do and at least look a little less…dated.

  12. If he lost the hair, no one would know what he looked like. Which is probably why he keeps it; in the real world he puts it back, takes off the eyeline, and no one knows who he is. He can walk around in peace.

  13. @Dalim: So I got some wrong minor details about who toured when and played on which records.

    The point was that several people have been working with Smith in The Cure for quite some time, unlike, say, Lemonheads where the same lineup’s rarely fixed for longer than a couple of years.

  14. @Rob in Denver: I was only harping ’cause I am a Curefanboy… (if there is such a thing??) and yes the line up has altered with several main stays – not in the least is/was Boris Williams (drummer) who should so come back – not that Cooper is bad – but Boris is sooo much better!
    I’m just being nitpickie – no offence ment and I am sure there was none taken…

  15. Boris is the best drummer for The Cure. That is a fact.
    Jason Cooper sucks big big time!


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