For You Europeans

I’ve been led to understand that Bebo is one of the more popular social networking sites over there on your fair continent, and several folks there have asked me to put up a Bebo profile, because the inability to friend me on their social network of choice is causing them unspeakable amounts of angst and pain. Well, fine: Here you go. Hope your angst gets better. Tums help.

11 Comments on “For You Europeans”

  1. Your Bebo site is very empty. Don’t you have any friends? I’d be your friend, only, only, well, I’m just not very friendly.

    I’m reading your AD. You don’t suck.


  2. Never heard about this Bebo, and the last time I checked I was still an European citizen. I’ve got the papers to prove it!
    Probably it’s not so famous here in Italy.

  3. John, you’re still refusing mail addresses with the .it top level domain?
    Your Italian ancestors probably are rolling in their graves.

  4. I know my nephew uses Bebo – there’s no way he’ll be your friend though, as he’s way teenage (in a band, speaks in strange argot, online more than off) and you are very nearly as old as me. Well, quite nearly.

  5. hey! I’ve never heard about that ‘Bebo’, and I think Spain is still in Europe

  6. God, for a second there I thought you were going to do something important. You know, something that would bring us closer across the big fat pond of the baby-eating Atlantic. But no, this is just some internet crap and won’t stop me from paying 9.30 euros to snail-mail a sub to the USA.

    Oh well. Everyone gets let down at least once a day and you were my put down for today.

  7. Carlos,

    Spain is sometimes in Europe, depending on who you ask. I recently got a copy of Story: Substance, Structure and the Principles of Screenwriting ( which is supposed to be the bible for storytellers or something. Within the first three pages, the guy made it abundantly clear that he thinks Spain is somewhere in South America.

    Sigh. Roll eyes.

    A fellow Spaniard,


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