Oasis 21 This Weekend

A reminder to various and sundry that I will be spending my Memorial Day weekend in Orlando, Florida as a Special Guest of Oasis 21, which also includes David Gerrold, Paul Vincenti and Bill and Brenda Sutton as Guests of Honor. This is my only scheduled appearance in Florida this year, so if you live in the Sunshine State and want to meet me, this is where to do it. While I’m there I’ll be participating in panels, signing books and doing a reading, and also floating about and being available, as Special Guests should.

Here’s my schedule for the convention. Most of what’s noted here are panels, on which I will be participating with other fabulous guests.

FRIDAY, 5/23

3:00 PM Peace Through Superior Firepower: Military SF – What is the role the military in the future?

7:00 PM Opening Ceremonies – Come and Meet the guests. There will be refreshments.

9:00 PM Alien Artifacts – Our intergalactic archaeologists have all the answers. They just never agree.


11:00 AM Special Guest Writer – John Scalzi (I think this is a reading, although it might be a signing session. If it’s a reading, I’ll read from The High Castle, which is coming out next year).

1:00 PM The Big Three: Heinlein, Asimov, and Clarke – The three giants of science fiction are now gone. How did they influence the field and the world.

2:00 PM Copyright or Copywrong – How will the proposed new copyright laws affect writers and artists in the future?

8:00 PM SyFy Radio – Join in on a live broadcast of the show which is taking Internet by storm (this is an interview)


11:00 AM Blogging: Who Cares? – Is there is too much information out there. Is what is out there accurate?

1:00 PM Evolution of Gender and Sex Roles in SF – How has treatment of sexuality and gender changed in science fiction.

4:00 PM Closing Ceremonies

You can see the entire program here (note: PDF link), and as you can see they’re keeping me pretty busy during the convention. Which is as it should be; that’s why I am there, after all. But it does mean your chances of spotting me at, say, Disney World, are kinda slim. If you want to see me, come to Oasis.

5 Comments on “Oasis 21 This Weekend”

  1. There’s a big con in OH this weekend and all the Ohioans are leaving. Tobias is going to Wiscon and you are going to Oasis. Why do I bother coming to OH for cons?

  2. Crap! My wife will be flying in Saturday, and she won’t be in any shape for a con until Monday at the earliest! That sucks!

    Can’t really blame her after spending 18 hours in a plane.

    But I get to find out what it’s like in another 40 days. Leavin’… on a jet plane A whole month in South Africa with the SO. She has to work, and I’ll get to play. :)

  3. I live in the Peach State, and although it’s tempting, I don’t think I’m up for a con on such short notice. (Short notice on the part of me not paying attention, that is.)

    I’ll wave as you fly over my house, though.

  4. Evolution of Gender and Sex Roles in SF

    If you want some “interesting” inspiration for that panel, head on over to Sea World and spend a little time at the dolphin tank.

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