Ridley Scott Explains It All For You

Apropos to this weekend’s “science experiments”:



Nicked from MasterThief, over at Whateveresque. See what you miss by not going there?

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  1. Don’t worry, John, the cats would have that thing dead and left on your door step posthaste. Though a cat-alien hybrid is the second scariest thing I can think of. A cat with opposable thumbs being the first.

  2. Well, the theory behind the facehugger process stipulates that the resulting alien has distinct features inherited from the host DNA.

    That would mean an alien coming from a feline host would nap twenty-three hours a day, randomly kill stuff on occasion, and succumb to the eight o’clock crazies with predictable regularity. (If the host is a Siamese, double the psychotic/hostile component.)

  3. Marko:

    Yours go off at eight o’clock? Mine likes to wait until the twee hours of the night when its helper monkey (me) is trying to sleep.

  4. Ahh, the facehuggers don’t scare me.

    Sooner or later somebody will figure out how to make them into hats for rich assholes, and they’ll be extinct in no time.

    And that acid blood? I bet we could turn that into bio-diesel…hey, at $4.00+ a gallon, I’m willin’ to go into the air ducts after them. Who’s with me?

  5. Were you a Bloom County fan back in the day, John? I keep thinking back to Oliver getting a chemistry set from his dad, and setting up a genetics lab in his bedroom.

    “‘Success’ is rarely total in science. Try and see the forest for the trees, mother.”

  6. Jim, do you mean that the rich assholes will be extinct because of predation, or that the facehuggers/brainslugs will become extinct from lack of nourishment from trying to feed on the rich assholes?

  7. Here you go, Jim:

    MOLLUSKS? I thought she was taking me to the MALL!

  8. Marko@5 – Yes but the Marine Corps taking out a full blown alien by distracting it with giant bits of dangly string is a bit of a let down, no?
    Not a very compelling sequel.

    Jim@11 Let me know when you get them out of the airducts — I have a sushi chef who says the non-poisonous bits will make a lovely maki.

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