Daily Archives: May 20, 2008

StarShipSofa on Scalazi

The folks at StarShipSofa have done a podcast show on me and my work (it’s show #89), and it’s an amusing listen, not the least because the fellow consistently mispronounces my name as “Scalazi,” but does so in a charming accent, the provenance of which I am entirely unsure about (Scottish? Scouse? Scoustish?), so it’s […]

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One Day’s Haul

People have wondered how many books I receive from publicists/authors/editors who’d like me to mention the book/have the author do a Big Idea/Just want to give me stuff. Well, here’s what just came in today from FedEx: That’s twelve books so far today. And I haven’t checked the mail yet, nor have I received a […]

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The Gen Xers in This Article Resemble No Gen Xers I Know Personally

See the article, in which my cohort is made to look like a bunch of conservative, technophobic ninnies. Yes, this article really speaks to my experience as a Gen Xer, I will tell you. In other news, after a brief respite, it’s apparently in fashion again to piss on the Gen Xers, America’s favorite abandoned […]

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The Big Idea: Walter Jon Williams

This week’s Big Idea is special. Not only does famed author Walter Jon Williams explain the whys and wherefores of his big new novel Implied Spaces to you, but he also finally explains what UFOs are made of! You will be shocked and surprised, as I was. And you will also find out what, if […]

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A Small Bit of Business Etiquette

This is not something that I thought to mention before, but now is as good a time as any: If you are wanting to engage me in some sort of business proposition, please e-mail me about it and don’t leave it on Whatever as a comment. First, while I’m happy to tell people what I’m […]

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